by profession I am a callgirl...

2LivesEli(31) Writes:

Hey, your profile really caught my eye

OKay.... there we go.... So, by profession I am a callgirl. I started it because I didn't have the money to afford my studies.

Now I quite like it, it's good money and I have a lot of free time. But what I don't like is that none of these men care about who I am. It's only lust for them. And I am craving so much to be together with someone who does love me.

I don't want to quit my job, I just want to find someone who doesn't mind waiting for me at home until I am done and we can love each other...

I couldn't forgive myself if I wouldn't at least send a message to a looker like you...

So what are you doing on a site like this? Are you also looking for something casual?

Probably...I mean what would you be doing on a site like this if you woulnd't, haha!
Everyone is horny on here, just like me, would you like to feel my soaking wet pussy for yourself babe?

Because I wouldn't reject a cutie like you

We drive to the forest by car. When we arrive, we flirt, kiss, writhe around and get steamy inside. I give you a delicious blowjob, and then we step outside and have some fun between the trees.

Oh... I do like this adventure, what about you? Would you dare to, or do you have a better suggestion?

Horny kiss,

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