Can you atleast try some foreplay?

GirlPower Gilli(38) Writes:

We only get one life so I live mine for every moment to count. I want to leave a legacy and a beautiful, sexy corpse when I go so I do my best to leave fear out of my life. Always active, never stationary.

What would be splendid? If you would come over and suck my clit for about 10 minutes before you jam it in. That would be splendid!

Foreplay? Never heard of it!!

- every man in London-

Ever heard of that quote? I'm sure you did! But if you want to fuck me you have to forget all about it.

Are you going to lick my pussy???

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  • remon

    3 years ago

    hello i em very actractive men , i want pick you are pussy ,I want to lick your pussy until you finish it in my mouth, all the holes lick them, I live in beckton, but I can come to you if needed. my email ; [email protected]

  • tony

    3 years ago

    I love lick pussy. text me, I will lick your pussy longer then 10 min

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