Come and munch on my fanny, it needs it

Christine(29) Writes:

What's wrong with lads these days? Not been munched for ages, they all decline after they had theirs!

Am not going to date a guy who needs his dick sucked before he licks my fanny. If you are scared of pussy licking then eat some arse? Taste better?

You can eat mine too but pussy first then butt then fuck! The sex trilogy my way. What would be yours for a sexy date? Tell me what acts get you excited and I might consider but you'd better be ready to give me head. Especially since I shave and douche beforehand, what you scared of Jimmy? No'ing then contact me and let's do this, I really hate time wasters and there have been a few here. So annoying.

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  • Rog

    3 years ago

    You should try us older fellas, we love to eat pussy.

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