Fed up with eating willies

Francine(43) Writes:

Time to pay back boys! And the best way to do so is by licking deep, deep pussy licking. Yess, tongue it properly please. I beg you!

My ex boyfriend, St Annes on Sea boy did not like to munch my fanny. He said vaginas smelt like sea food. Twat! He grew up on the bloody thing on the west coast!

I told him his semen was like elderflower ... it did not get him to taste. I dumped him, was not worth it. I live oral sex, cannot date a guy who is against it. What do you think yourselg? You like to give as much as you get? Men love their blowjobs but  I noticed they shy away when I open up my legs ... like, wide open! Come on dude, will you?

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  • Iuri

    3 years ago

    Sent me messenge if you won't now 07424625001

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