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Shanyah(27) Writes:

I have plenty to offer, I come from the land of pentiful, that's probably why. Check my booty moves if you like. I stream them on Kik and Skype. Ping me and I give you my handle. You won't regret.

But I refuse to charge for this. Sex is fun and therefore should be free. Am not a prostitute. I think many women here are. You can rest assured I will never ask for anything, not even a free meal. I work and can pay for my food.

If I want to eat out with you, I invite you and maybe we fuck after. But that is different. It's more like a date. I want sex contacts, plenty! So that I know I can get cock whenever I feel like it. Is that ok?

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  • Harvey

    2 years ago

    Hey want real love I will please you I'm just a young man

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