Hi babes, back from Dubai and gosh it was fun!

Krystal(27) Writes:

You've all heard the stories. They are quite condemning if you hold hands, be it husbands and wives.

On the other hand, you should see all the rage on the western apps there. The tourists know how to bypass the moral ban.

And I guess they will not be doing anything about it because the money we spend there is just huge, not in terms of shopping - think investments! Including President Donald Trump's investment company too. They're all there! And they need sex. I met a few directors from the City, the Big Apple and LA. Milan, Madrid and Istanbul too.

They all had one thing in mind, being dominated by a lady like me. Never done bondage before but gosh, that was quite an eye opener, I loved it. Let alone the presents afterwards but hey, I can do it for free. So, so exciting. Any local guys want to be my guinea pigs?

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