How do you like my fanny?

Nadine(31) Writes:

I gave it a lot of attention last night, proper trimming and a bit of toying afterwards. Had gotten so wet. Always do when I gave it a shave. It's like getting your pants down really. Uncovering your pussy and your clit to the max. For a boyfriend or two. I don't mind double dating, hope you don't either.

I mean this is a dating site, I got to see 5 guys in a single week once. Not here but I get 2 visits per week from this site alone. And they are good meets. Especially when it comes to pussy licking. Probably because I send pics of my shaved and open vagina on Snapchat. Guys usually turn up within the next hour when I tease them that way. Just send me your number and I will tease you too.

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