I always loved sucking popsicles

Selena(37) Writes:

I am a looking for someone real. I don't have time to play games. I have been horny long enough! Soooo ... The boring stuff !

I like going to the gym (love it would be a lie)I'm still working on myself, love laughing til I cry, love nice places , nice things etc. Anything else?

Since I was little I always loved sucking on popsicles, I always loved to swirl my tongue around them and I would always make a mess out of myself.

Oh, yeah nothing changed since then... I still like sucking cock like a maniac! And also I play with it like my own little popsicle! Actually what you need to know is I ADORE giving a nice blowjob! It's EVERYTHING to me, and I would really like to suck on yours,... what do you say?

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