I cannot explain it really

Melanie(38) Writes:

Just that I crave cocks all the time. Not in my fanny, nor in my arse. In my mouth and let me tell you why.

Rather simple. I love to take possession of your manhood. Not that I wish I had one, not that type of girl. I will give it back to you after my oral treatment. I am training as a nurse still you see.

Anyhow, back to your dick! I love the sight of it when it's soft. Like a little pet asleep. I like its look, its smell and its warmth. Yes, my nose is up there below your balls now. Want more? Like, a blowjob maybe? Nah, that's tacky. I said I give full treatment. I call it a royal fellatio. Come to Durham for a little meet and you will come back for sure. Don't believe me? I dare you!

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