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Wonder709(42) Writes:

I know what you're thinking, that I'm probably some hooker who shows her naked body to any potential client and ends up asking money after the date, but that's not true.

I'm showing you this picture for a whole different reason. I show you because I want you to fuck me. I'm a nymphomaniac and momentarily I don't have anyone I could contact for sex, which is a terrible situation for an addict like me.

I get these frenzies where I just NEED to get laid and I'm having an episode like that today. I masturbated 3 times already this morning and it's not nearly enough. If I don't find anyone to fuck me I will keep playing with my dildo all day and I could even hurt my pussy like that.

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  • Steve Reeve

    1 year ago

    You can always try me! How about emails to swap details and photos... [email protected]

  • -

    2 years ago

    Wonder 709 like to hear from u m 48

  • -

    2 years ago

    Wonder 709 like to hear from u m 48

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