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Donna tella
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Donna tella
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21 Years old
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Donna tella(21) Writes:

My confidence level is very high. I don't mean to brag but I know that no men can resist me. My dirty talks alone are more than enough to make a full-blooded male become horny.

Just imagine we were with each other now. I was dressed in a white shirt, unbuttoned quite low and tied at my tummy, wearing a short skirt and knee-high socks and had my hair in 2 bunches.

You walk in the room and I accidentally, on purpose, flash my well-supported titties at you, knowing it is such a naughty thing to do. I see you look cross and have that headmaster feel about you and I know the punishment is on its way.

Now I have to work out, do I do anything more now to get a better punishment or see where it would start? Are you going to give me any hints?

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Donna tella

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