I won't be wearing any panties

My name is:
My age:
57 Years old
I live in:
Kensington and Chelsea
(Greater London)
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Dawn(57) Writes:

I have met a lot of men in London and I have been a bit of a slut. I admit. I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of your company though and I see you also live in London. Can we remedy that?

I'm a woman who just wants to play and have a good time. I'm not into heavy relationships, I just want some fun with someone hot and horny and already hard! Does this sound like you?

A friend with benefits would be perfect, so we can still go on dates too, but without the drama!

Take me for a meal, be my sugar daddy and I will wear my shortest, sexiest mini dress just for you and I won't wear any panties. I'll spread my legs under the table to prove it!

Are you game?

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