I would love to have some foreplay!

hottUK3xxx(36) Writes:

An interesting bit of trivia was shared to me today. It said that for a woman to get aroused, she needs to have at least about 10 minutes of foreplay.

Then I realised that I've never had a foreplay that long. Sounds like I am missing a big thing in my life, isn't it? It's just wham bam for me and nobody's ever really taken their time with me. I guess it's because the guy's I've been with are maybe just too inexperienced.

I am looking for A man who knows what he's doing and will take his time with me. Is that possible? I want a man who would want more than just a quickie and would take the time to make me sizzling hot so I can finally have that multiple orgasms with someone other than myself ;)

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