It's all about romantic sex to me!

Carolynna(24) Writes:

Are you going to keep me waiting for an answer because I'll just look for someone who is willing to do something about the desires we obviously both have.

If you have something to ask just fire away, as long as we both take action if we hit it off. Deal?

Correct me if Im wrong but we're all here for sex?
Then tell me why it takes so long to find a match?

What are you doing on here if you're not looking for sex?
If you are, can we help each other out? If I am your type of course?
And please don't lie to me. I don't want sweet talk!

It's all about romantic sex to me!

I live in the South east area so I don't have a problem with the distance.
Let me know, yeah? And please make a quick decission!

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  • Steve Reeve

    2 years ago

    Email me at [email protected] and I'll write and send a photo. Do you want a great time? Steve

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