Well, well, well, so many men love being sucked

Toni(32) Writes:

And it happens that I love being licked! A tongue thrusting in between my legs, down my panties, what a great starter!

Cause really pussy licking has got to be an intro. You can get down to business and prepare the way for me to come on your tongue.

I mean I could, I love being licked. My clit gets so swollen and bothered. Only cure is a hot cock to then rub that clitty of mine. Deep inside too. I love a proper penetration. Both vaginal and anal actually. So feel free to reach out if you want to do both in that same night, why not? Sexy dates are for trying it all. Would be a shame to travel that far and come for a quick blowjob? Don't get me wrong, love sucking a dick too. I want sex, all night though. You up for it? If so, ping your number and I shall call yuo back.

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