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Lilly Mae
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Lilly Mae
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25 Years old
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(Greater London)
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I love sex toys, I spend a fortune on them through various sex shops, online. They are fun to practice and work out my G-spot for when I get to date and fuck!

But I'd like to have a couple of assistants when it comes to sex practice, a fuck buddy or two. Nothing romantic, I keep that for my boyfriend. But if you have experience with your wife or girlfriend on that front. I would like to hear from you. Especially if you are in the area. I would not want to go all the way to Paddington for sex.

Greenwich or nearby would be fine, I will bring my toys to you as I don't swap. I have a couple of double dildos and would like double penetration for a really strong orgasm, am sure I can achieve it but need strong arms to thrush the beast, can you help?

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