Are you into body piercing too?

Tash(31) Writes:

I am obviously and find it super sexy. On your face but also body parts, like intimate parts. I am happy to show you mine if you show me yours. But let's start with picture swapping first. If you drop me your WhatsApp number here, I will send you a friend request. But tell me first where your piercing is. Or where you'd like to have one if your body is still untouched.

Talking of which, I ain't a pic collector, I am here for sex. Raw sex, so we will meet eventually. Looking forward to touching your pierced parts too. Especially pierced nipples, I find them so sexy on a hairy chest. And if you have none, it is not too painful. I am happy to go to a parlour with you actually.

After piercing, I will be looking into bondage. Similar experience to the body and better sex. So please ping me! Xxx

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