Hope this ad works out because I really need a shag tonight

Laura(34) Writes:

My boyfriend dumped me 3 weeks ago, supposedly because I was looking at other blokes in a sexy way. He was just being jealous, I was only a bit drunk. Happens to birds and lads alike, ain't it?

I know guys who look up women in front of their girls, so why can't we? Anyway, did not want to shag him or anything. Just eye candy, he was an athlete for sure. Maybe a footballer. He looked like one with all his tattoos. I love tattoos, how about you?

I think I am going to get one at the bottom of my back. I seen it on a girl last summer in Ibiza and I thought it would be nice. I just need some ideas, maybe you can make a suggestion? Anyway, this site is for sex dating, and all I need now is a good session. Any fuckbuddy around the area tonight?

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    1 year ago

    is this for real omg email me with your address pls lol onway

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