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First Time Anal, a step-by-step guide


It’s okay to fess up to being curious about anal sex. Taboo topic or not, lots of us have at one time or the other thought about what it would feel like to have a boner or something equally hard and uncompromising rooting around in our ass. A recent survey that found its way to the Journal of Sexual Medicine notes that over 1 in 3 girls aged 19 to 44 have experienced anal sex once at the very least. But given all the girls walking bowlegged on our street, we reckon one in three is a conservative estimate that needs revising soonest.

Now, if you are interested in anal sex and have yet to do the deed, all we can say is congratulations for keeping your asshole a virgin for so long, and perhaps you should contact local authorities for a prize or something! Yeah, it’s not easy having a virgin asshole these days, not with every hard thing in sight determined to impale and split it apart!

So, anal sex is not exactly like having a picnic at the beach with friends. It usually feels kind of strange till you get used to it and that’s to be expected. Here are some things to keep in mind for those of you looking to get your anal cherries popped in the next hour or two:

It Won’t Feel Like You Are Giving Birth

we are almost sure you often got told that anal sex is so painful it feels like you are having a baby that’s been feverishly feasting at the local McDonald's for the last month! Well, that’s not true. Anal sex doesn’t and shouldn’t hurt, at least when performed correctly. Correct performance of this butt-loving duty includes using gallons of lube during the act and not agreeing to having your asshole dug into without mercy by a boner or toy if you are experiencing digestive problems, or have hemorrhoids decorating your posterior and rectal tissue.

It Won’t Put You In Diapers For The Rest Of Your Life

heard about folks who wear diapers cos they have anal sex on the regular? Well, that’s old wives tales meant to scare you off having fun with your butthole. The fact is that the anus is extremely stretchy and will always expand to accommodate a finger, sex toy, fist, pestle, telegraph pole, baseball bat, oak tree trunk, and whatever else you opt to shove into your asshole in the name of fun and experimentation.

Yeah, you’ve been dropping tons of hard shit all your life, right? Well, just as those solid shit of yours never troubled your asshole much, nothing you allow into your anus will pose a problem that it cannot handle. But that doesn’t mean you should try to fit a main battle tank or a warehouse worth of razor blades in there.

Gotta Take It Slow

perhaps the most important thing where first-time anal sex is concerned is to start slow and relax, because things get weird when either partner is tense or nervous. Anal sex is a marathon, not a sprint, and your partner is not going to be pleased if you ride him/her/them/they like the rapture is taking place the next second and you have a mandate from the devil to tear every tight hole in sight.

We suggest you both take it easy, bathe, cuddle and talk sweet nothings that get you both feeling all mellow. Foreplay and vaginal sex helps too and having a mutually explosive orgasm from this will help set the mood for what follows and make for a first-time anal experience to boast about at the local bar and on social media.

Communicate and Establish Boundaries

you and your partner need to have a serious discussion well before the clothes come off. This discussion can center on expectations, limits, and safe words. The latter can be any word, but the odder the better, and once spoken should initiate an immediate halt to every asshole-expanding action that’s happening within a 10-meter radius. Once you two agree on what to do and what not to do, you are both free to get as nasty as you like, secure in the knowledge that a single word is all that it would take to stop things in their track, either because one partner is not enjoying the festivities, or because they are enjoying it too much to stay sane!

Remember, for premium first time anal sex, clearly communicate your present and future intentions to the owner of the asshole you are determinedly rearranging, or talk to your partner about your needs if the asshole in question belongs to you.

Toying With Pleasure

these days, there are so many anal-focused XXX toys in existence that we could spend a year talking about them and barely scratch the surface. Contrast that to a few decades ago when there was a distinct lack of such toys, and you might have to make do by re-purposing the family pestle, bread roller, corncob, and any promising/shapely piece of lumber!

The loads of anal XXX toys around these days do a swell job of introducing folks to the immense joys of anal sex. If you are new to sticking stuff up your butt for fun, you should read online reviews of these toys before buying and using those that appeal to your derriere.

Some toys vibrate and massage your butthole and/or prostate, while others are the kind you shove in there and try to forget about. Just find the type that suits your needs and personality.

Whichever you opt for, be sure to pick anal XXX toys that are easy to use and retrieve, or a surgeon might be assigned the unpleasant task of rooting them out and posting the video on YouTube for us to learn from and cackle at.


Experiences Differ:

the anus has a nerve supply so rich it could get a vagina feeling so jealous it would give serious thought to growing teeth. That is partly why anal sex feels so good it often triggers orgasms. In males, anal sex sometimes leads to prostate stimulation and that’s good for very intense orgasms that are scarcely believable in their depth and punch.

However, not everyone finds anal sex enjoyable. This can be due to physical, personal, or societal reasons and is pretty normal. There are lots of other sexual things to do if for some reason anal sex is not your cup of tea. Just don’t feel like a square if you try anal sex for the first time and decide it is not something you like and will keep doing.

Condoms Required

experts in the know recommend condoms during anal sex and it is not because rectums are fit baby incubation places. Strict condom use during anal sex holds even if you are in a monogamous relationship with a partner you trust with your Swiss bank account password, plus your Binance seed phrase.

Part of the reason for this is that condoms make it easier for whatever is going down that hole to glide to its destination. Plus, anal tissue is almost as fragile as tissue paper. That’s why it tears as easily as the sight of a nude Mia Khalifa gets the menfolk hard. Bacteria and other nasty stuff that call your rectum home can dive into your bloodstream via these microscopic tears and your ass would be in a bind before you can say boo!

Also, for condom integrity purposes, be sure to use a water-based lube and swap condoms if you are simultaneously drilling for oil in the asshole of multiple sexual partners. And don’t ever stick your finger or whatever into a butthole and then repeat the act with a vagina, because that’s begging for icky infections.

Enemas Not Needed

there have to be few things as embarrassing as seeing your partner’s anaconda coated with a fragrant load of your feces. Thoughts like that are mainly what pushes most people off anal sex and that is understandable.

The whole thing is easily avoidable though. Just before your first anal sex, or any anal action for that matter, all you have to do is to poop well and clean up well. Feces in the body system are packed way up high in the lower intestine. That means the chances of your partner hitting this wall of shit with their solid snake or XXX toy is so small as to be acceptable.

More, an enema before anal is overkill. Plus, enemas are liable to irritate your intestine or anus and can make the overall experience less enjoyable. So, just empty your shitload and show your butthole the way to happiness!

Anally Vaginal

if you are a woman then you are in luck because it just so happens that there are lots of nerve endings utilized by both the vagina and the anus. Thus, stimulating both can be intensely pleasurable in every eye-popping way imaginable.

So, if you are looking to make your first-time anal sex experience more enjoyable, you can do that by stimulating your vagina with a vibrator, finger, hair brush, or whatever is at hand, all while your asshole is getting some hard loving. Just don’t scream too loud from the intense pleasure and bring the walls down on you both!

And that’s it, folks! Let’s keep spreading some anal love on the double!


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