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How to prepare for your sex date


You have done it! You scored a sex date. Now what? You start thinking about it and all of a sudden you start sweating a little. Questions rise. What to fucking do?

First of all, don’t stress too much. There is no use for it and it for sure as hell doesn’t help either. This is probably your first sex date, or you had a shitty first one and want to do better. Preparing for your encounter is half the work and stress. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you will feel good and confident. Mind that your counterparty is probably just as nervous as you are.

Plan for a nice time

Nice? Yes, nice! You do not want to show up, drop your pants and get going. Well, that probably is what you want, but it serves neither of you. So, plan a date. Go to a nice restaurant, a good bar, any place that makes you feel comfortable. You have been talking to each other already and there was a click. You probably have been sexting already, and this is part of the nerves. Because you have told your thoughts and ideas about sex, maybe even showed some nudes, but you have never even looked this person in the eyes. And now you need to face them. Of course you are nervous!

The best way to deal with that is to just say it. Hey, hello, how are you? And then when asked how you are, you just spill it out. Fucking nervous, you know a lot about me and this is the first time I can look into your eyes…. And how beautiful they are… Awwwww… and you score. Do not make it too soggy. You don’t want to be drooling all over your date before you are actually having sex, not that during is always very welcome, but you catch the drift. It’s very likely that your sex date will be relieved that you are nervous too and you can both laugh about how silly you are.

Have a nice date, talk a little, and make sure you have some good questions ready. You don’t want to go in too deep, talk wise. Keep it light and funny and don’t be afraid to flirt. You already had chemistry online so if she didn't run off at the sight of you, you are good. So again, relax.

So step 1: plan a nice date, be open and straight forward about how you feel, and have some good questions ready!

Preparing yourself for a sex date

You want to look your best and feel your best. But you also want to be comfortable and relax. It all starts very simple, and you would think it does not need any mentioning, but it does. Take some extra time to take care of yourself. Thoroughly wash and scrub yourself, everywhere. Shave or wax or whatever you do to get rid of hair in funny places. And double check. Make sure you smell good. Check your toe nails. All the things you don’t usually do, check them now, so there is nothing to worry about later.

As for clothes. Yes you want to look sexy and attractive, but you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. It’s not always the best idea to buy new clothes and you don’t want to overdo it either. If you are overdressed and your date is underdressed, they will feel insecure. Insecureties aren't the best ingredient for the fireworks you are looking for later that evening.

Step 2: Make sure you are at your best physically and mentally. Put some extra time in getting ready, but don't overdo it!

Location, location, location

Location is, as with many things, key. Don’t plan your date too far from your home, hotel or where ever you plan to have sex. Once you both get into the mood, you want to get to action as soon as possible, the journey towards your desired location can be a moodkiller...

Another thing is friends or people you know. Do not, I repeat, do not go to the place you and your buddies usually hang out. They can, and usually will, ruin it all for you. Not because they suck as friends, but because attention gets lost, moods change and lack of intimacy will have you laying in bed by yourself wondering what the hell went wrong. Worst case your date is familiar with one of your friends and thats just embarrassing for all of you.

Make sure you go to a nice place. You want a good atmosphere, some privacy and some romance. Pick out a spot where music isn't too loud, conversation might be scary but remember that a good fuck comes with some sacrifice!

Step 3: Think about where you go!

Before you score your sex date

A few things to consider if you read this before you find someone that fits your wants and needs are that you don’t pretend to be some kind of sex god or goddess. Just don’t. Not mainly for the one you are meeting, but mainly for yourself. Bragging about your bedroom skills online will make you feel insecure when the moment has finally arrived. And as said before, insecureties at a date especially at a sex date are a no go!

Sex is about discovering each other. Bodies, likes, sensitive spots, moves, smells, breathing, words. It is so much more than just techniques. You can paint amazing pictures but when push comes to shove you have to be able to make them come true too. So be straight forward about your skills.

Going on a sex date can be nerve wrecking and it shouldn’t be. So calm your tits, prepare well and remember that your date probably feels the same. And remember that nerves are part of the excitement too!


  • Adam

    3 weeks ago

    I have had a couple of sex dates the first was something and nothing we went for a nice meal, I paid as a man does on first date, we went for a walk by the nearby river went back to my car, while we were setting up the date she bragged she swallowed, so in the car she undid my trousers got my cock out rubbed it sucked it good and as I was approaching ejaculation as it was my new car she said" Do you want me to stop as it will be messy, I said you said you swallowed, and she stopped so obviously bullshit and I never saw or heard from her again.

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