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My name is Joanne McKenzie and I might have an interesting proposal.

I want to take you out to dinner. I know it is supposed to be the other way around, that the man takes the woman out but in this day and age I think it is perfectly fine to do it the other way around.

After all I can easily afford it as my company has been doing excellent lately and I don't have much to spend my money on. I became a widow in 2017 and have been alone since. The reason I'm here now is that I finally realise I should move on with my life.

I'll go ahead and say it: I want to have dinner and afterwards I want to have sex. I didn't get laid in years and I think a night with you will be amazing.

I can get us a table at an excellent restaurant in Barry. Do you already have plans or can I be your sugar daddy for the upcoming weekend ?

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