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Allbout Heaths
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Allbout Heaths
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46 Years old
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Allbout Heaths(46) Writes:

I might be bigger than the girls you usually have your adventures with but I hope I can still get you to notice me, somehow....

There are guys who are so-called chubby chasers but those are rarely the kind of men I feel attracted to. I have a thing for blokes like you and that I found someone like you right here in Barry almost seems too good to be true. Do you even exist? Haha, sorry but I just had to ask, don’t mean to insult you.

You know what a man like you could always call me when he’s horny. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the night, if you feel like sticking your knob in me I would come over right away. I hope you will take that into consideration when you think about whether you should give me your number or not.

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