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Angie Swallow
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Angie Swallow
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30 Years old
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Angie Swallow(30) Writes:

I have a massive sex addiction that needs to be cured with more cock. I am ready to meet a man who is sexy and ready to date me. I like men who have big cocks in my life to please me, maybe you can teach me something new.

You alright? Still no luck in finding a suitable sex partner for me. How are you getting on, found anyone yet? You could drop me a message letting me know if you fuck with or without condoms, I would appreciate you letting me know. I'd love to feel your creampie deep inside me!

I will await your response sexily and then hopefully we can get this show on the road!

*Trying to find a man who will fuck without condom*

Hey babe, sorry to bother you just wanted to find out if you would fuck a chubby girl on here without a condom? I can't find a guy who is willing they are all worried about pregnancy and STD's.

I assure you now I have none and I am on the pill so fucking without a condom doesn't bother me just be honest about your sexual health with me alright?

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