Are there any hopeless romantics on here?

Penelope1113(63) Writes:

I don't really know what to say. I kinda not like this part in every dating site. I am just not used to talking about myself. But if I can tell you one thing true about me, it is that I am a woman who has a big heart and is here for a romantic relationship.

I think the only way to see if two people are compatible is to open up to each other totally. Tell each other your life story and your hopes and dreams.Don't you agree? I would like us to open up to each other and see if we have a spark!

I'm looking for a romantic relationship with a special kind of guy. I want us to have no secrets from each other and to have a fun, happy and sexual relationship. Do you want that too? I think you're a special kind of guy and I'd like to see where this leads.

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