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21 Years old
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(West Midlands)
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Milly123(21) Writes:

Good morning to you!

I just got out of bed, lucky me right!?

I have nothing on the agenda so I can fill in what I'm going to do the entire day. I think I'll get out of bed, get a coffee and start with a nice hot bath.

After that, who knows!
Lunch somewhere, maybe invite someone to do something together?

I made a mistake when I entered an early relationship. I am a very mischievous young lady who always loves to hang out with friends and to attend a lot of enjoyable parties and have a drink. My boyfriend is against that so here I am trying to escape the stress.

Wait, you're not working today are you?
That would SUCK! But you do have a lunchtime right?
Would you like to eat something somewhere, after maybe go to your place for some rough sex?

Don't be like all the other guys that just won't send me something back. I need to know if you're interested!!

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    11 maanden geleden

    E mail me I live not far from you you look amazing. Hope we can chat soon. Thanks

  • Luke

    1 jaar geleden

    Call me 07817326517

  • -

    1 jaar geleden

    Wow wow wow! What a catch! U r beautiful!

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