Who fancies a Royal Leamington job?

Debbie(28) Writes:

Never heard of it? Well I ain't surprised. I came up with that name. We have a lot of imagination in Canada. Yes, that's my country of origin but been living in England for many years now. Our countries have a lot in common anyway and that was before Harry married Megan.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about the Royal Family. Past or Present. But about my specialty, the Royal Leamington Job.

First I wash your dick in full, then I deep into a honey pot. I guess you know what's coming? I play the bumble bee until I get a cumshot. I have a technique with my lips they buzz like an electric dildo. And I know what am talking about, I have a huge collection. It takes practice my friend. So, want to give it a try yeah? When is a good time?

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