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42 Years old
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(West Midlands)
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JillianW(42) Writes:

I am a gentle, honest and sincere kind of woman. I am very feminine and sensual too. I am also very romantic, receptive and a woman of one man. I'm family oriented, loyal and faithful. Very responsive, supportive and caring as well.

I had a very bad week up till now. My cat died and I had the flue. Living almost by yourself, these incidents have a great impact on your life!

Luckily I'm getting better now and I'm thinking of getting a new cat in a few weeks. Last complaint: whatever happened with my sex life? It died long before my cat died. But perhaps I could reanimate it?

I need a guy who wants to help me with that! Are you a romantic sex lover like I am?

Wow, we could have a good chat and forget about all the sorrow and pain of life. Please say yes :-)

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