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SaucyMumXoXo(49) Writes:

As a nudist it's quite hard to find like-minded people because people, mostly men, think being a nudist goes hand in hand with some kind of sexual fantasy which it doesn't..

Well, not all the time at least haha. I love being naked and I have been for as long s I can remember but I'm not turned on all the time. With summer around the corner I plan on going out more, to beaches where it's allowed to be naked for example.

Have you ever been or is the public nudity thing not for you? Last year I walked up to a voyeur and asked him if he liked what he say and his response actually made me laugh and I ended up giving him a handjob in his car.

I hope to meet someone that likes to experiment, in public, while being watched for example. Are you that open-minded or am I talking to the wrong person?

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