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Mirror mirror, what bum is the biggest?

Helen(22) Writes:

Not mine I hope! LOL Anyway guys, I was checking my tan line. Been tanning monokini style this week and last. Nothing else to do! Blame it on the great plague of 2020. Future generations will laugh at us for sure. The world has been halted by a bat virus.

Hollywood will probably produce a new batman movie on that topic. For sure everybody will come together at the end of the lockdown. Loads of hugs, kissing, shagging.

Don't rush though, don't be desperate. How about we take our time for once. World is going too fast. let us refocus on what matters, good sex, slow sex. How about a massage and then we make love. Then we have tea and more massage. Massage sex is the future of the humanity, if we let it happen.

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