would you come over and play nice

Avamountaining(45) Writes:

Being a single mum isn't easy but I guess that speaks for itself. I have 3 kids and a part time job, luckily they all my children reached an age where they can go to school by themselves but at night and during weekends I need to be there for them constantly.

It's rewarding to be a mum but also exhausting , plus it's nearly impossible for me to go out and have some fun. I can't leave the house when they are sleeping so I can never go to the pub to chase men. All I can do is go online and try to persuade someone to come over to my house

I'm anxious to give my address to a stranger but so far you seem like an okay guy. I was thinking, what if I told you where in London I live exactly, would you come over and play nice? (until I tell you it's okay to misbehave )

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