Webcam Sex: The 11 Hotest Sites For Live Sex


Webcam sex is a recent invention that’s taken off like a banshee afire during an exorcism! Below are the top 11 webcam sex sites and to know them is to love them without limits!



Chaturbate is not first on this list by accident. No sir, not with nearly 350 million monthly visits! It was founded in 2011, is among the top 5 most popular adult sites and it does seem like everyone and their cat has an account on the platform, not that you can blame them!

Part of its appeal is that it’s free. Yeah, you can register for free as a user or cam model without having to pay anything or jump through hoops. It is also feature-laden and keeps getting better every year. If you are there as a user, there’s plenty of HD cam shows on Chaturbate that you can watch for free and fap to whenever your genitalia needs their sticky juices evacuated.

You can always upgrade your experience by splurging for a private show or opt for premium membership. For cam models, Chaturbate offers a safe, convenient and rewarding place to show off their stuff, grow their audience and possibly make money hand over fist. Yeah, Chaturbate is the numero uno where webcam sex sites are concerned and always will be!



Stripchat is a social media site cum cam site phenomenon. It is not doing badly for itself with around 400 million monthly users who log in from all over the planet to chat with friends, gawk at nude performers, and fap like they intend to cum all the days of their lives! It only began operations in 2016, making it a relative newcomer in an overly competitive industry, and boy, has it been shaking up stuff or what!

Stripchat has a dizzying array of XXX categories for users to choose from, a very friendly online community of fappers, and more cam models than the population of a few European countries. The site is easy to use, feature-packed, free, and just about delightful in all respects.

Both cam models and cam viewers get the A-grade treatment here and if you are an avowed fapper, best believe this site is the headquarters of beautiful women who want nothing more than to make you happy and get you cumming forever and ever! There’s excellent customer support too and overall more entertainment than your body system is designed to handle!



It would be illegal to put together any best cam site list without LiveJasmin in the top 5, and yeah, we aren’t in the least interested in breaking the law! LiveJasmin helped kick off the adult camming craze and has been in operation since 2001. It has won the Live Cam Site of the Year award enough times to get its competitors plenty shook up and over 9 million unique visitors flood in each month.

Now, this cam site follows the standard format, boasting lots of performers of every sex who are there to titillate, entertain, and delight by all means necessary. These cam models are often desperate for your attention and would sit on your face and fart the Star-Spangled Banner in E Major if that was what it would take to get you fawning over them!

The site is super-attractive in its red livery, uber-easy to use, and free to sign up to. Featured options let you quickly and easily sort cam models by their physical attributes, region, price, ethnicity, age, language, show type, sexuality, services offered, and more. There’s nothing like premium membership, though you can upgrade from basic membership.

If enduring cumming happiness is what you seek, there’s no doubt at all that LiveJasmin though pricey offers up bountiful spadefuls of this!



There sure are loads of things to love about XLoveCam! For one, the site is super-packed with beautiful European models who look like they willingly abandoned the glam supermodel life to meet and talk with you on the daily! Secondly, it’s all free, though there are site features that you have to pay to experience. And thirdly, XLoveCam has ladies of every age and description who speak varied European languages and can make you happier than clam chowder sauce perched atop hot white rice!

There are also lots of guys and trans ladies here, ensuring that every bit of any fantasy you might want to dream about will be magnificently fulfilled. The only issue you might face is that this cam site is too packed with overly lovely and endowed ladies, to the point where you will have a hard time deciding which of them most deserves your loving and fapping attention!

Registration is free and fast and the site is easy on the eyes, simple to use and accessible on PC and mobile devices. Rocking nearly 100K cam models, there’s no doubt at all about XLoveCam’s ability to deliver orgasmic happiness!



By now, just about every European beauty has an account over at Eurolive! This webcam sex site is like the headquarters of all things sweet, fab and amazing and is super-easy to use. Registration is of course as free as air and once you are in you can check out single chicks eager to see your boner, couples working hard to impress you, shemales with cocks a mile long and a meter wide, and even actual pornstars who want to prove that they are all they are hyped up to be.

Almost everything here is free, but there are some things you will need to pay for. Not to worry, you are certain of getting your money’s worth, because the chicks on this European cam site are all serious performers who want nothing more than your cock engorged to bursting and so hard it could take a walk on its own if you let it!

Perhaps the best thing about this cam site is the fact that its models have very detailed profiles that indicate their ranking, physical attributes, sexual preference, statistics, the languages they speak, and more. This along with their images lets you judge if a girl, couple, or guy is your type or not. And then there’s the fact that you can watch a cam show without even registering, plus there are varied paid membership options to choose from if you are interested in upgrading your cumming experience.

Eurolive is simple, sweet, and plain amazing!



Streamate is a very recognizable name and even if you don’t know what the site is all about, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of it recently. It is renowned for the number of models that call it home, all of whom do their best to distinguish themselves and get the client coming back for more of the same. Streamate is free and there are always tons of live shows happening at all hours. Yeah, stick around for an entire day and your eyeballs will see more fine and nude chicks than it knows what to do with!

There are plentiful content sorting options on this cam site, and these get you exposed only to those models within a certain age bracket, who live in certain continents, speak a certain language, are interested in certain fetishes, and loads more. Streamate is among the most intuitive sites, and while it can be ad-filled, it still delivers a performance so potent that all avid wankers have no choice but to sign up and get their rocks off on the double!



BongaCams. Just roll that name around in your mouth and tell us it doesn’t put you in the mood for a night escapade with a goddess on a deserted beach, where you both dance to the beating of jungle drums and have a time to remember in more ways than can be imagined!

BongaCams is mostly focused on a European audience but still has enough oomph to stun users from all corners of the globe. Free and ultra-speedy registration, plus lots of sexy, sassy, and overpoweringly beautiful models await users of this cam site. Just like on Chaturbate and other sites covered in this list, BongaCams which opened in 2012 boasts both free and paid chat shows, and you are free to you opt for any show that’s in line with your needs and pocket depth. This cam site site is open 24/7, has advanced search functionality, and while not as model-packed as the top 5 sites on this list still spectacularly delivers in most areas.



If you are in love with free things, then here’s where we tell you that MyFreeCams has lots of free things, and these are all capable of gifting you with heavyweight orgasms! You don’t even need to register to enjoy these free goodies, as they are available so long as you have an internet-connected device and enough grip in your right hand to hold down your cock when it becomes overly excited from what’s happening on screen!

MyFreeCams has a very simple user interface, fine models aplenty, and user options by the boatload. You can even customize your experience however you like it and there’s a regularly updated list of the most popular chat rooms for you to visit and there display your cumming abilities! Videos are high quality and there’s premium membership for folks who are unsatisfied with the ordinary and want the ultimate experience. The only complaint you can have against this nearly 20-year old cam site is that it is a little too minimalistic, but this translates to a smoother user experience.

Around 100,000 cam models of every possible sex are on MyFreeCams and they are just in the mood to take it all off and spoil you silly, you lucky fella, you!

Here’s another free cam site that lets you see nude girls and wank to their antics without coughing up a penny. Tens of thousands of high-class models call home and the things they will do to get you hooked on what they offer defies belief!

You can register for free here and easily find the kind of girl, trans or male that your cock needs to get it gleefully spurting and there’s premium membership when you want to take things further. offers much the same thing as the competition, which is models of all ages and sexual orientation whose only job is to sit and wait for you to notice how eager they are to exceed every expectation you might have!

Site features are plentiful and you can directly talk with any model and let them know how what they do plays havoc with your senses! It might not have the catchiest name in the lot, but does an excellent job, has some of the highest quality live porn videos in the cam world, and holds nothing back where customer satisfaction and cock milking are concerned!



Well, you sure can’t mistake Jerkmate for anything other than what it is! This is the kind of site where you jerk your third leg and hope that something thick and sticky comes out of it!

Now, Jerkmate is a very attractive and well set-up adult chat and live cam site that supports free cumming entertainment. It is extremely easy to use and there’s so much free stuff that you can get away with not paying for anything. Of course, it makes more sense to register and open a free account, as this comes with useful options and exposes you to more stuff that’s tailored to your likes and dislikes. Plus registration gets you free currency that you can spend on your favorite cam models. And with this currency, you can make these chicks moan the way they might never do if you are chowing down their sweet pussy in real life!

Very capable support staff, easy payment methods, a blog section, and effective content filters makes it easy for this webcam sex site to get favorable attention. Jerkmate was exactingly designed to please and that it does. Few other sites can match its capabilities and with it, you can always be sure of finding a partner willing to jerk you off how you want it!



Last but not least is Cam4, a top-class camsite if ever there was any. Cam4 is colorful, easy to get the hang of, loaded with filters, and even more loaded with sweet-faced escorts of just about every sex and sexual orientation. There are guys and couples too if that’s your thing and if you are the type who gets off on watching a man and woman fuck each other like rabbits who just climbed out of a vat of Viagra!

Cam4 has won a fair bit of acclaim for the realism of its models, who offer a balanced and highly erotic experience to both free and paid members. Prices are cheaper here than on most other sites, which is partly because the models are amateurs, and partly because they come from countries where the standard of living is lower than what’s obtainable in the US and Europe. That means your money goes much farther here and the girls are more willing to exert themselves in working for it in their HD-capable chatrooms.

Cam4 is Irish-owned, has been in existence for almost 15 years, and as of the last count has around 56 million monthly visits. It’s one of the best around and you can take that to the bank and earn double-digit interest on it!

What Is Webcam Sex, And How Does It Work?

Webcam sex involves a performer(s) of any sex being on a live show and streaming what they are doing to a wide or select audience. The audience show their appreciation of what they are viewing by words and deeds, with the latter involving tips that the performer receives either directly or indirectly from the website they are running their cam show from.

Webcam models are free to stream from wherever is most comfortable and are unrestricted in what they can do on camera. They are their bosses, work however and for how long they wish, and can make a killing if they can get plenty of viewers who can shell out loads of tips.

This is a highly demanding profession, with top cam models able to pull in over $300,000 annually.

How To Find a Site That Fits You Perfectly

You don’t need to look for an exact cam site that you think will fit you perfectly. As a matter of fact, all serious webcam sex sites make a point of having a lot of filtering options. With these options activated, you can very easily and accurately find the perfect cam girl who matches your needs, wants, fantasies and hunger to a perfect T. More, some webcam sex sites have personalization options that changes the background color and the way icons are arranged on the screen and this lets you create the kind of ambience that suits your needs.

Money is the only big issue you might face, as not all cam sites charge the same.

What Are The Pro's Of Having a One-on-One Conversation With a Cam Girl?

Having a one-on-one conversation with a cam girl fosters a deeper relationship/friendship between you two. You get to hear her talk, judge how she expresses herself, and possibly fall in love with her onscreen persona. Such conversations help you see what a girl represents. You will be able to discover what she holds dear, what makes her tick, and what ticks her off.

One-on-one conversations are important and make it possible for you and a cam girl to know each other as fully as possible.


- Is it possible to talk with the cam girl?

Of course yes. Cam girls are usually the very friendly type and can talk with you for hours if you are up for it. Topics don’t necessarily have to be XXX-related.

- Are there sites in HD quality

Yes, there are cam sites where HD shows are available. Pretty much every webcam sex site has HD shows, but not all cam models stream live HD content. So, you might have to search for a bit to find models streaming HD quality entertainment.

- Are there also free webcam sex sites to use?

Almost every webcam sex site is free. Most do not even require registration and let you watch whatever you want for free. However, if you want to chat, tip models, attend private shows and more, you will have to register and possibly upgrade your membership.

- Are there French girls that do webcam sex?

Hell yeah!

Not really into digital women? Take a look at our members and get yourself the sexdate of your life!


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