With all this carry-on with the virus

Deborah(25) Writes:

We are all locked down for a while, I suggest we have cyber sex through phones or webcam. Who is up for it? You can call me from anywhere in the world LOL. As long as you can speak English. And preferably if you are well endowed down there between your thighs. It's more fun innit?!

I will ride my dildo and we pretend you fuck me, you can wank over me. I will show my pussy deep inside. Did it with ex when he was at uni in Scotland. So come on, let's unlock that horrible situation and relax through sexchat like we used to before that corona nightmare. Like on a Saturday night after clubbing usually. Hopefully won't be long before we get back to it. Any one wants to take a bet? I'd say May 15th before the end of the lock down.

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  • Bobbo

    1 year ago

    Let's make each other cum let's talk filth xx

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