How are your foreplay skills?

Dora Bell(35) Writes:

I have always been complimented for my tight pussy. I know it's tight. I must be very turned on and wet to let a girthy cock slide in. It will not work if you don't make an effort to give me long foreplay.

I love to fuck. Ever since I lost my virginity I have been having boyfriend after boyfriend and fuckbuddy after fuckbuddy. I just can't do without sex. Recognizable?

How's your stamina? Are you well endowed? I need a pro who loves to give foreplay. Start giving me a nice massage and let your hands touch my body and explore it. Lick me out and let me become so wet that your throbbing cock will slide in easily. Whatever you want to do next is up to you.

Let's not waste any time anymore and let me know when we can meet up.

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