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Not sure, well, I am going to tell you because I am a bit of a dominatrix. And you'd better listen or ... else!

You are in bloody trouble. I live alone at my parents' home, they are retired in Spain and with Brexit they are getting dual citizenship. Which means they will visit Sale even less often. Which leaves me plenty of time to prepare some bondage nights and other naughty evenings like that.

So, if you don't know what to do with yourself, tonight, or any other week nights (I don't date during weekends, I spend time at my boyfriend's - who does not know a thing about this, well, I hope?!) then contact me. I will tell you exactly what to do before coming here. Because everything else, I will tell you once you are locked up in my treatment room. Ahahaha! Don't be scared, I don't bite ... but be warned, cause I spank, and really hard.

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