So bored today, I would not mind a fuck buddy

Karen(38) Writes:

Hell yes, a chav with a big cock and hairy balls ... someone manly, don't care about the age range as long as you can deliver on the sexy front. So, is that you? If that is then please contact me as I have something special for you.

Have a guess, maybe, titty fucking. I have small tits yeah but I know how to make a cock hard by stroking it with my nipples and a bit of oil. Have to be some sort of contortionist but that is fine, I do gymnastics. Helps a lot with sexual positions. If only I had none when I started 10 years ago.

I guess I was innocent then, not the case anymore so please come and help me sooth that need for cock. Oh, before I forget however, have a snap or two at the ready. I like to see what you have to offer before I place my order. Hope you don't mind? Hope you are not too shy??

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