Bored in the Capital City

Alex(27) Writes:

I wish it was the capital city of Vice LOL but it's only the capital city of Scotland. Beautiful place but hard to meet some guys! I am from Asutralia and I came over to study. I have met mainly foreigners here. Which is fine. But where are all the hairy jocks?

They must be hiding somewhere in the Highlands! Or too busy online with youporn lol

Right boys, I have 5 months left before I head back down under. Will you do me a favor and ping me for a sexy date? I like sex at its simplest. And that includes a quickie. Or a blowjob on the go.

I am infamous with my girlfriends, for having blown men in the most bizarre places. If that's your thing, then contact me. My thing at the moment is sex piercing, so do get in touch too if that's your thing as well! Xxx

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