Revenge is best served cold!

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Poison89(31) Writes:

I just found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me for the third time, I think it's over between us now! I won't be disrespected this many times! Before I totally finish with him though, I want to get my revenge! Will you help me do that ?

I want to fuck you all night long! I want us to experiment sexually and fuck each other in all different positions! I want you to fuck me in all of my holes! Will you do that? I know I'm a little chubby, but my tits are really big!

And in the morning I will go to my boyfriend's house to pick up my stuff and finish with him and tell him exactly what I have been doing all night long!

Sweet revenge is best served cold! If you are willing to help me, get back!

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  • Leo

    8 maanden geleden

    I would fuck all your holes, lick and suck your tits and tongue your clit.

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