I want someone who will fuck me

GingerAle XX(35) Writes:

how are you today? I'm Jordyn, a sexy ginger from Cardiff. I see you are local, that could come in very handy!

There is so much more than I wish I had in the situation that I'm in. I wish I had a guy who would let me express myself sexually. Sex with him has always been very methodical and like clockwork. There are no feelings involved, just straight robotic vanilla sex. I want someone who will fuck me with emotion, and passion.

Ok, well I'm in a relationship with someone who takes me for granted and doesn't excite me in the bedroom any longer. I need to have passion and emotion in my life and I'm looking for someone with a big personality, who's passionate and expressive to waltz into my life and give it to me! Could that be you?

I want to know how it feels to have explosive and rough sex, to be writhing around in ecstasy! That has never happened to me before! Can my first time be with you? Don't wait any longer, get back to me and let's do this!

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