fuck me in mine and my husband's bed!

LalaLaugh(50) Writes:

Well hello there! How are you this after? My name is Violet but you can call me whatever you like! What do you want to call me?

I am married but my significant other is away for work so often that I am usually left to my own devices and when left to my own devices I can sometimes get a bit naughty.

These terrible thoughts enter my head, I think about inviting men over to fuck me in mine and my husband's bed! I know it's bad but it's really all I can think about lately, and now I even signed up to this dating community to see if I can find someone. I can take care of you like no other lady would, I will be your female sugar daddy!

Please don't tell anyone from Newport I'm here

What if I told you my husband will be away 'till Saturday, would you be tempted to come see me then?

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