Am I looking in the right place?

Selena(37) Writes:

Why does it seem like I'm the only one who's horny on here?? I thought that everyone on here was looking for the same thing: SEX!

This is my last try, and if this one won't lead to a sex date as well, then I'm giving up and leaving this website.
Will you please let me know if you'd like to fuck me? In any position you like!

My pussy is rubbing against your belly... hmmmmm...

I'm nearly there, as I rub my pussy against your belly while I'm sucking on your cock.

Are we going to fuck ? In the car or in a hotel room? Hate to say it, but as long as it’s fast? Sound good to you?

You are also more than welcome to come to my place, but it's a little messy, but if you don't mind...

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