I'm a master at flirting!

Harley Flirt(26) Writes:

Harley here! I'm a master at flirting! I know just what to say to get you in the palm of my hand! I will pay you compliments and act sexy and coy until I've got you in my bed. Do you want me to put this skill into practice?

I only ever go with men who have big dicks! Why would I want to use all me effort up and then get a dick that could never satisfy me or fill me up! It's not going to happen! I need a big dick that will stretch my tight hole and feel amazing inside me. You must know how to use it to maximum effect too!

I love foreplay, giving and receiving, there's no rushing with me! Take your time to warm me up, get my senses on overdrive and we will have red-hot sex! Let's give it a try!

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  • Luke

    2 years ago

    Call me 07817326517

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