I cannot wait for the next summer holidays

Maggie(38) Writes:

Question is when as we are totally stranded in the UK now. It will take the time it takes. I will comply. But how about we chat now so that we can meet when all is back to normal? And if you want to take me on hols, great! Am easy going. Costa Blanca at the very least. Am done with Ibiza, too old for that. Plus all the young guys want to shag with you.

Mind you, no wonder I was dressed like a slut. Talking of which, I'd like to meet someone a bit more mature. A sort of Sugar Daddy. But I swear that I will be sweet as fuck with you too. I am expert at oral delicacies. Prepared with love and my tongue. I can show you on my phone! I have recorded a few sessions. Told you, I am a bit of a slut.

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  • Krystian

    2 years ago

    call me 07803294508

  • -

    2 years ago

    07528325874 text me for fun

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