Pull your tongue and get to work

Chantelle(26) Writes:

Why? Cause I said so. Am fed up with the local chavs. They're all out at the pub or glued on their playstation. And with the Reds doing so well, it's all about football. Girls end up all alone. And see what happens? We get naked and take dirty pictures. Then what, well I touch my clit. But I prefer a tongue. A man's tongue. Especially with a beard to soak up all my juices. I get wet, not one of these women who pee everywhere when they come. Hell no, yucky!

I will soak your mouth though so get ready for it. If you like pussy licking that is. Not many guys do these days. Maybe I should turn lesbian? I hear lezzies lick tremendously well. We'll see, I am trying out dating sites like this first. Simply because I still prefer men. Any decent ones nearby and peeking online? Xxx

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  • Derikk

    2 years ago

    Hit me up if you really want a lick.

  • -

    2 years ago

    I can give you exactly that no addition, no subtraction.

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